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Swedlinghaus MIX250 L Combined Mixer and Whisk 1 Phase




250Watt Swedlinghaus MIX250L Combined Mixer and Whisk 230v


Indispensable in any professional kitchen. Available in two versions: 1 fixed speed 250 Watt motor unit or variable speed 350 Watt motor unit. The mixer tool is mainly used for vegetable soups, purée, mayonnaise, etc. preparation; the whisk (available only for Mod. MIX350V) is used for whipped cream, creams, etc. preparation. Abs construction, fan-assisted motor equipped with thermal protection, ergonomic handle, LCD display, forged steel blades.




Diameter: 75 x 285 x 220-270mm


Power: 250 watt


Speed: Fissa 15.000


Weight: 1.4kg

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Weight 1.4 kg