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Dadaux PHX15 Sausage Filler

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Dadaux PHX15 Sausage Filler


Hydraulic stuffer


PHX 15


We offer a full range of hydraulic actuators from 13 litres to 60 litres, as well as an automatic shaper and twister model. Their flexibility of use ensures a perfect push and avoids breaking the tripe while guaranteeing excellent.


Comply with CE standards


Made in France


Entirely stainless steel including the cover, piston and the nozzles. Except the PH13 which has a Polydur piston.. Automatic decompression of the flesh when the knee piece is released. Extreme flexibility of piston speed adjustment. Fast return of piston for the filing. Motor IP65. Mounted on castor wheels. Delivered with 3 nozzle: Ø14, 20, 30, key and extractor for the piston. Closed hydraulic circuit with tank. Complies with CE standard.





Tension: 400v, 50Hz


Motor: 0,75 CV (0,55 Kw)


Capacity: 15ltr


Powder: 1PH


Weight: 100kg

Additional information

Weight 100 kg

1Ph, 3Ph