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44x80mm A-Grade Paper Till Roll Box 40


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44x80mm A-Grade Paper Till Roll Box 40




You can use our rolls in the full confidence that they are produced using only the highest quality High White, Grade A, Dust-free paper. Plain paper rolls must always use a ribbon to produce the image on the receipt. All our rolls are tightly wound and precisely cut for smooth jam-free running. Each and every roll has a strong end of roll indicator mark.


TEC MA135 37 x 70 A-grade till rolls come packed in a box of 40 rolls.


The 37mm x 70mm A-grade paper is of the highest quality and exceptional value for money.
If you need any more information about our 37×70 till rolls please Contact Us.


PFM26030:  Paper Till Rolls 44x80x17.5mm (For Use In Till With Ink Ribbon) (per box 40)

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