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Mainca FC30A Sausage Filler

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Mainca FC30A Sausage Filler


60lb Capacity


All Mainca hydraulic sausage fillers have a specially-designed hinge and locking bolt assemblies as well as large hydraulic tanks and uprated cylinder rams. The wide range extends from manual machines, several hydraulic fillers, up to the powerful twist linker.


Hydraulic sausage fillers


Constructed from stainless steel, our fillers have the following features and benefits:


Adjustable speed – pressure control


Cylinder and piston machined to fine tolerances


Automatic piston decompression when knee lever released


Removable piston for easy cleaning


Supplied with 2 nozzles: 15mm and 20mm


Equipped with large independent oil tank and pressure gauge


All of our models have a high specification piston ram – ensures industrial production standards across our range of fillers


Extractor fan – reduces heat transfer


Bronze hinge bushes – minimize corrosion and enhances reliability


The bottom of all cylinders are now manufactured entirely in stainless steel on all sausage fillers


Vector manual sausage fillers


A complete range of horizontal hand fillers designed for producing small batches of specialized sausages. The FM range of 3 sizes of sausage filler is made in stainless steel with hardened steel gears and heavy-duty Teflon bearings to withstand the pressure of rusk-based sausages.


Horizontal manual sausage fillers


Suitable for bench operation, each horizontal manual sausage filler has a gear reduction drive, with two speeds and comes supplied with 4 nozzles: 10, 20, 24 and 32 as standard. All pistons are manufactured from Moplen and come complete with auto pressure release valves.





Capacity: 30ltr


Weight: 134kg

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Weight 134 kg

1ph, 3Ph