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Autotwine 1700 on Cone White 850g


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Autotwine 1700 on Cone White 850g


Polypropylene Twines UK Leaders in Twine and String for Industry SAUSAGE STRINGS looped yarn tying strings tying strings for sausage rings plaited twine elastic twine for nets colours natural white, coloured delivery format conical and cylindrical bobbins, all sizes materials polyester, cotton, polypropylene tailor-made twines and solutions for your specific requirements


We are currently producing twines of Polypropylene for the packaging and general purpose markets.


These are a straight one twist twine and have the advantage of being strong and give a good yield.


Our Polypropylene Department can produce differing thickness’s of twines and in many cases are able to offer an assortment of colours also.


PFM24000: String – 1700 Autostring on Cone White 850g

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