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Brine Injector Pump F.DICK


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Brine Injector Pump F.DICK


Brine injector for regular brine injection


The F. Dick (German Cutlery and Food Processing Specialist)


Brine Injector is made of commercial grade materials and is used for the continuous injection of cures and brines, but without having to stop every few minutes to refill as with the syringe-style injectors that normally only hold 2-4 oz of cure or brine.


Simply put the filter-screened foot valve into your cure or brine of choice and inject to your hearts content… without those annoying and time consuming pauses to refill.


The needle stores inside itself for safe storage.


If you inject cures and brines often, this unit will pay for itself in time-savings alone.


Should anything happen to your brine injector, or any other F. Dick product parts are readily available.


Note – this model comes with only one needle – a closed tip perforated needle.


The needles we have for use with our Magnum and 4 oz. Short injectors will not fit on this unit.


PFM12001: Brine Injector – PicklePump F.DICK (9 0050 00)

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