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Burger Former Attachement for Sausage Fillers Pintro 4 Inch



Burger Former Attachement for Sausage Fillers Pintro 4 Inch


4″ / 90mm




Produce quick and hygienic large numbers of burgers!


With the burger former, it is possible with one person to 1000 hamburgers per hour  to produce. The burger former is to be connected to a hydraulic or vacuum stop ofvulbus and is very easy to use.


The hamburgervormers are suitable for: small and large butchers, caterers, kitchens, …


Round: 90mm diameter | thickness 17mm | weight + -110gr



Suitable for all producers of burgers


When it comes to produce quick, easy and hygienic burgers, hamburger maker of PINTRO is by far the most appropriate solution for large and small butchers, Butcher and restaurant chains, vendors of snacks, catering, kitchens, …

No other system in order to make burgers works so easy and has the same capacity. It is also possible to make a number of hamburgers in various forms.


Up to 1000


The burger maker produces you very quickly. The comparison with purely manual production is almost impossible because the difference is too large. The burger maker produces hamburgers faster you at least ten times more than you would do manually.

Also, with respect to other applications in order to make burgers, the hamburger-former is a better and faster alternative. Expect an increase in productivity of at least 25%.

The burger maker of PINTRO is therefore a must-have for EVERY producer of hamburgers, anywhere in the world.


Compatible with all types of packaging bushes


The PINTRO Hamburger Creator fits every vulbus! The unit can be supplied with the flange mounted on any type and brand filling or stuffing box (vacuum or hydraulic).


Hygienic and ergonomic


Clean and easy to make burgers!

The hamburger former is a compact and convenient device that it is very smooth and easy to operate.

With the uitduwhendel is to rotate the disk shape easily and pushes one of the hamburgers from the mold without problems.


Affordable investment, great return


For large hamburger producers deserve the burger-maker PINTRO  for itself after just one week!

The burger maker is available at a very competitive price. Because you produce significantly faster with this device, the payback is almost negligible.