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Compostable Kraft Burger Box 112mm


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Compostable Kraft Burger Box 112mm


Serve your food-to-go in practical and sustainable packaging with these large Fiesta Green compostable burger boxes. The paperboard construction gives these burger boxes enough strength and sturdiness to keep your takeaway dishes protected during delivery. And thanks to the thick material, these burger boxes can serve sauces and dressings without risk of leaking.


As the burger boxes are made from paperboard, they can be commercially composted along with food waste after use. This will help you and your customers to divert waste away from harmful landfill sites, instead turning your used packaging into nutrient-rich compost.


This sustainably sourced paperboard material means the boxes also require less energy, carbon and raw resources to produce than polystyrene alternatives. So even if you can’t compost them, switching to these burger boxes will still help to minimise your impact on the planet!


Can I Recycle These Boxes?


Yes, as long as they’re free from heavy soiling, these boxes can be recycled. But if they’re covered in oil, grease or food waste, they won’t be accepted as this soiling can contaminate the recycling process.


Product features

  • Dimensions 108(H) x 112(W) x 112(D)mm
  • Weight 29.5g
  • Colour Kraft
  • Sustainably sourced paperboard material is kinder to Earth’s natural resources
  • The boxes can be commercially composted for more sustainable waste disposal
  • Paperboard material means the containers can even be recycled after use
  • Emit less carbon during production than polystyrene alternatives
  • Sturdy construction keeps food protected and secure
  • Lid closes securely to keep food hot
  • Thick material allows you to serve sauces and dressings without risk of leaks
  • Kraft colorway gives these boxes a natural and organic look
  • The plain design allows you to personalize with your own branding
  • Can be stacked for space-saving storage
  • Paperboard material makes the boxes suitable for both hot and cold food
  • Versatile design is perfect for serving everything from burgers and chips to salads


PFM66537: Kraft Burger Box Large 108x112x112mm Per Box 200

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