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CT4 Printed Best Before Price Gun Labels Per 1000


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CT4 Printed Best Before Price Gun Labels Per 15,000


Size: 26x12mm


Best Before Labels. Comes in a box of 10 rolls of 1500 and are available in White with a permanent adhesive.


Best Before Dates Best Before dates are usually found on frozen, canned or dried foods that last a bit longer.


Best before dates refer to food quality, rather than food safety.


Food is at its best prior to the best-before date.


After the best before it date the food might lose its flavor and texture and will no longer be at its best.


For use in: Puma PJ6, PJ8 and Lynx C-8N Guns


PFM26001: Labels For Hand Gun “BEST BEFORE” Non Punched CT4 (Per Pack 10 Rolls) (for Lynx or Puma Guns 2612)

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