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CT4 Printed Use By Price Gun Labels Per 1000


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CT4 Printed Use By Price Gun Labels Per 1000


Size: 26x12mm


Colour of text may be black or red


Use By dates are usually found on foods such as salads, fish, soft cheese and milk – foods that go off quickly.


Use by dates refer to food safety, rather than food quality.


They mean you should not consume any food or drink after the use-by date stated on the label.


By eating food past this date you are putting yourself at risk of food poisoning.


If you think you might not get round to eating the food before the use-by date, but don’t want to waste it, check and see if it can be frozen to use at a later date.


For use in: Puma PJ6, PJ8 and Lynx C-8N Guns


PFM66641:  Labels For Hand Gun 26x12mm USE BY RED Non Punched CT4 (Per 1000) (for Lynx or Puma Guns 2612)

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