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Customer Loyalty Points Scheme Hand Held Terminal With 100 Cards




Customer Loyalty Points Scheme Hand Held Terminal


Supplied with 100 Loyalty Cards and generic registration forms.


For full colour personalised printed cards please click here.


Reward-it gives you the power to create your own brand and stand out from the crowd. The system is flexible enough for you to tailor your loyalty scheme to get the most out of your customers and keep them coming back for more. Brand your cards, customise your marketing and watch your business grow!


Reward-it Lite


Extremely economical – low start-up cost.


Web based software – access from anywhere.


Hand-held terminal is easy to use


Mobile – can even be used on market stalls!


Simply hand your clients a loyalty card and start issuing points from their first purchase.


Upload the data at anytime – leaving you free to concentrate on your business.


Create customised reports on biggest spenders, birthdays, most frequent customers…


Send out targeted mailshots with special promotions and offers.


The flexibility of Reward-It makes it perfect for any small to medium sized enterprise.


Smart card technology. High quality, plastic cards can be printed to your company style.


How it works



1.Set system rules

You set the parameters e.g. £1 per point. You can then decide how much you want to give your customers back in the way of gifts, discounts etc.


TIP: Advertise your loyalty scheme in your shop and on your website. Let your customers know that by being loyal to you, they will accumulate points towards a gift/discount



2. Issue a card


Hand your customer a card and register their details onto the customer database. The cards are a good way of keeping your name in your customer’s mind. Every card comes with a registration form.


TIP: By getting the relevant details from your customer, you will build a valuable database for future communication of offers and promotions



3. Award points

Each time your customers make a purchase, you simply add the points on to the terminal. At the end of the day, synchromise the terminal and all the transactional data will be uploaded to the CMM database.



4. Analyse and send targeted mailshots


Reward-it terminals deliver points to the back-office system, allowing you to analyse spend data and create targeted marketing campaigns.


TIP: This is the true benefit of the Reward-it system. It allows you to create professional mailshots and constantly keep in touch with your customers. This is how you will really see your growth



5. Reap the rewards

If customers know they are working their way to a prize, they will return to your store to collect and redeem points and continue shopping!


Marketing software sold separately.


PFM08228: Reward-It Customer Spend Loyalty Terminal With 100 Plain Cards (marketing software sold separately)*

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