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Dadaux Silco E650 Chop Cutter 3 Phase




Dadaux Silco 650 Chop Cutter 415v


Chop cutter Slico 650


“SLICO” chop cutters are multi-purpose machines that ensure a good slice in meat both with and without the bone.


Comply with CE standards


Made in France


Chop cutters – SLICO 650 Ideal machine for cut chops where the place is limited, or for collective kitchen. Electric advance system warranting a great precision in particular with the fine thickness. Automatic return of pushing system.Manual positioning of pushing system. Adjustable thickness from 1 to 30 mm (possibility in 45 mm). It permits to cut the meat with bones (like chop of pork, lamb, veal), the meat without bones (sirloin, entrecôtes), the delicatessen and some cheese. Really fine cutting like carpaccio can be realized.


Sliced products Meat with and without bone, delicatessen, fish.




Tension: 400V, 50Hz


Loading Magazine: 175 x 200 x 670 mm


Motor: 2 + 0,75 CV, (1,5 + 0,55 Kw)


Weight: 120Kg


Cuts Per Min: 160


Fixed Door

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Weight 120 kg