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Dadaux ICONE 700 Chop Cutter 3 Phase




Dadaux ICONE 700 Chop Cutter 415v


Chop cutter Slico 700


“SLICO” chop cutters are multi-purpose machines that ensure a good slice in meat both with and without the bone.


Comply with CE standards


Made in France


Chop cutters – SLICO 700 and SLICO 1100 Automatic return with programmable carriage travel. Smooth and saw­toothed or microsawtoothed blades. Selection of thrust: step by step and continuous according of different products to slice. Chop cutter cleaning : with water. 3 cadences of cut: 97 ­ 195 and 390 cutting/min. Connecting power : 4 CV. Hydraulic (or electric) advance system : this principe is necessary for an intensive use in heavy conditions (humidity and cold).


Sliced products Meat with and without bone, delicatessen, fish.





Tension: 400V, 50Hz


Loading Magazine: 200 x 230 x 705 mm


Motor: 3 + 1 CV, (2.2 + 0,736  Kw)


Weight: 300Kg


Cuts Per Min: 390

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Weight 300 kg