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Electronic Fly Killer Virolite 20 With Glue Board



Electronic Fly Killer Virolite 20 With Glue Board


The ViroLite up lighter provides discreet, yet highly effective insect control.


The traditional decorative design compliments any existing dcor with attractive reflected UV light.


Effective Attractive design Easy to use Discreet Energy-saving EcoLite UV Lamps Made in Sheffield, UK


Tube: 1 x 20 watt EcoLite Lamp


Coverage: 60m


Weight: 1.7kg


Finish: White Product Code: 37030


Dimensions (mm): W460 x H155 x D175


Compatible Glue Board: G41 Warranty: 1 Year


PFM37030: Fly Killer – ViroLite 20 Uplighter – Glue Board (1x20w) (Glue Board G41) Coverage: 60m*


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Weight 5.001 kg