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Embossed External Vacuum Pouch Rolls 250mm x 12 metres


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Embossed External Vacuum Pouch Rolls 250mm x 12 metres


These vacuum sealer rolls come supplied as 2 x rolls of 6 metres.


Combifresh G is an embossed bag with an external polyamide/polyethylene film for vacuum packaging.


The special embossing on one side of the bag enables excellent vacuum take-out using most external vacuum machines on the market.


Embossed Vac Bag The Combifresh G pouches offer a wide range of sizes available for prompt delivery.


In addition to its excellent sealing capabilities, Combifresh G offers excellent oxygen and water vapour barrier properties, very high mechanical resistance and extraordinary transparency.


Combifresh G is suitable for vacuum packaging of most foodstuffs.


Parker’s are one of the largest suppliers of both Internal and external Vacuum Pouches which are safe for the food industry.


We have large stocks in a number of different sizes.


These external vacuum pouches are for use with an external vacuum sealer machine only and will not work in an internal chamber vacuum packer.


PFM31012: External Vacuum Pouch (Embossed) 250 x 6 Meters ON A ROLL (per box of 2 reels)


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