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Food Safe Oil Spray 400ml


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Food Safe Oil Spray 400ml


MULTI PLUS Synthetic,physiologically safe multi-function spray with high-end properties for universal use. In this context, the product may come into contact with foodstuffs for technical reasons.


A product for a wide spectrum ofapplications Your advantage: Rust penetrating agent with creeping properties. Wear reducing lubricant. Good long-term corrosion protection. Reliable release agent. No danger symbols such as Xi, Xn, F, F+ or N.


Your advantage: Suitable for use in physiologically and ecologically sensitive areas. Low danger potential. Safe working. Colourless, non-discolouring.


Your advantage: Can be used on bright backgrounds. No discolouration in the case of occasional contact with the product.


Free from white oil / mineral oil. Good material compatibility. Resin, acid and silicone-free. 1NSF = Internationally recognised organisation for the supervision and registration of products used in the food sector.


For the lubrication and maintenance of connecting joints, chains, seals and moving parts in automotive engineering, as well as in critical areas of the food, pharmaceutical, printing and paper industries. As a release agent, for corrosion protection and for all applications in which the use of conventional products on a mineral oil basis or of critical additives and solvents is not desired.


Pre-clean the surfaces that is to be treated. Spray on evenly from a distance of approximately 20cm. If used in areas in which food is processed or stored, only the technically necessary minimum quantity may be used. If the product is to be used as a corrosion protection film, it must completely be removed before the corresponding device is again put into service.


PFM15001: Food Safe Oil Spray – 400ml

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