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Green Silver Door Chains Aluminium


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Green Silver Door Chains Aluminium GREEN & SILVER 36 Insect Chain Curtain QUALITY Door Screen GREEN & SILVER Insect Chain Curtain Barriers for Food Prep areas Anodised Aluminium 2mm links. QUALITY EU Made. Tangle free with extra smooth glossy finish. 2mm thick links. RRP is 116. 90cm wide Chain curtains act as an extra barrier to prevent flying insects from entering critical hygiene areas. The high quality aluminium linked chains are designed to be suspended from the top of a standard width door. W90cm x H200cm including rail Width can be adjusted by cutting the rail with a hacksaw The chains are anodised to prevent corrosion and rusting. Lift Straight Out the Box and Hang the Rail on 2 brackets Provided. Simple. PFM37016: Door Chains Aluminum Silver Green (Curtains) TO FIT DOOR FRAME W900 x H2000 keywords: door chains, fly screens, green door chains, butchers chains

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