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Grupo Epelsa 35SP Portion Scale 7.5kg




Grupo Epelsa 35SP Portion Scale 7.5kg


7.5kg x 1g


Low-consumption Weight-Only and Piece Counting counter scale (for internal use). ABS housing and 260 x 218 mm stainless steel plate.



6-digit LCD display


Backlight Indicators: Low battery, Zero, Tare, Stability, and Weight unit




4-key keyboard: change work mode key, Auto-Zero and Accumulation (Piece-counting mode) key, weight unit change key and Tare key.


Programmable Data

Maximum weight value programming, fixing of the warning value and sound by a programmable user key.



8-bit Microprocessor with internal memory and a resident program



Features Internal battery in addition to an external charger. 2 Function Modes: Weight and Piece-counting

Conversion weight unit function, Tare function and Piece-counting function with an overload warning, low weight warning and piece counting warning.


Operating Temperature

-0º to +40ºC



Power adapter – 9V/800 mA
Internal battery – 6V, 3.2 Ah



70mA (90mA with backlight)
Frequency 50 / 60 HZ



Additional information

Weight 5.01 kg