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Grupo Epelsa 46C Counting Scale 30kg




Grupo Epelsa 46C Counting Scale 30kg


Approved account balance pieces easy to use with the ability to store up to 99 unit weights of which three can be recorded directly key; backlights, working in kg or g, tare function, energy saving function (standby) and battery status indicator.


Splash protection cover.


Activate alarm functions:
– A-1 quantity alarm
– A-2 weight limit alarm (high / low)
– A-3 overload alarm


EC approval number of model T8441




LCD displays of 16.5 mm.


Backlight in the display.


Zero indicators (0).


Tare indicator (NET).


Unit weight (weight or counting)


Low battery symbol and indicator light load.


Operator Keyboard


20 keys, 10 numerical and 10 of function.


Key (0) Autocero.


Key (T) 50% capacity.


Key (CE) deleted.


Key (SAMPLE) function change.


Key () activate the backlight.


The keys M1, M2, M3 direct unit weights.


(WS) program unit weight.


(ALARM) activate alarm functions.




Communication RS232 protocol $ for weight transfer manual or automatic. Incorporates cable communications (1.5 m).




Scale counts pieces and alarm function.


Approved and easy to use.


Dimensions 284 mm x 320 mm x 120 mm


Tray: 274 mm x 213 mm


Net weight of the equipment (3.9 kg)


Capacity: 30kg


Additional information

Weight 5 kg