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Inter-Com SQUARE550 Vacuum Packer 3ph

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550mm Seal Vacuum Packer Inter-Com Square550 Duel 415v


These are totally stainless-steel professional items, extremely flexible to be used in the most different situations. Thanks to their most updated technical features, they have become essential to pack a certain number of products (Sauces & liquids food, meet, fish, vegetables…) in several fields of activity: from restaurant to gastronomy, catering, supermarkets etc..


If properly equipped with their inert food gas injection system (on request), these machines can also pack and protect at the same time all those friable and delicate products.


Digital control panel with 6 program Stainless steel chamber


High transparent lid


Seal Width: 5mm


Net Seal Bar Length: 2 x 550mm


Chamber Size (WxDxH): 720x570x220


Machine Dimensions (WxDxH): 840x700x1050


Pump Capacity: 63m/h BUSCH


Power Supply: 415v, 3ph, 50hz


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Intercom is a new and dynamic company, operating in the vacuum-packaging field.


Intercom products are entirely made in Italy and have three distinctive features: convenience, toughness and reliability. We can proudly provide our customers with product lines which are manufactured with both a remarkable quality standard and an incredibly competitive price.


Moreover, Intercom offers a wide range of products, in order to meet any specific need in the vacuum-packaging field.