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Kneader Mixer 40Ltr Mainca RC40A

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Kneader Mixer 40Ltr Mainca RC40A


Suitable not only for the meat industry but also for the hospitality and catering, to dress salads, mix food, spice, etc.


Reversible rotation of the blades: in a sense mixed and kneaded in the other removing air inside the mass.


Homogeneous mixing and kneading without air bubbles, an indispensable condition for good healing of sausage.


They work with a little amount equal to full load.


Large liquid absorption. Suitable for removing massaging breakers of Cuba. Ensure good control of the product moisture.


Shaped blades manually removable without tools T.


Tilting bucket for emptying the product.


Construction: completely in stainless steel 18/10.


Comply with EC regulations.





Dimensions: 560 x 380 mm (Base)


Construction: Fully stainless steel 18/10


Transmission: Gear motor very quiet


Capacity: 40ltr / 25kg


Weight: 74kg

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Weight 74 kg

1ph, 3ph