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Madhuban Curry Sauce - Balti 6x485g


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Madhuban Curry Sauce – Balti 6x485g


A medium curry sauce very flavorsome with a citrus herby taste. Spicing is subtle with emphasis on fresh garlic, ginger, coriander leaf and aromatic spices including clove, cassia bark, cardamoms, aniseed, fennel and cummin.


At Madhuban we pride ourselves on our truly authentic restaurant-style curry sauces. They don’t just taste like the real thing……they are the real thing. No Pale imitations these – they come straight from the curry house kitchens. We think they’re perfect.


Madhuban Sauces were selected and featured as one of the best sauces on the market by:

O Guild of Fine Foods, Great Taste Awards 2010, gold star winners for Hot Madras and Balti Sauce
O Daily Telegraph
O Daily Mirror
O BBC1 – ‘All over the shop’ – Voted as the best in a blind test amongst ASDA own brand, M&S own brand, and Madhuban Sauces
O LWT – ‘Dinner Date’ program cooking demonstration at the Madhuban Restaurant by Pat Chapman and Lodue Miah


These are the most popular restaurant curries :

O Korma Sauce
O Hot Madras Sauce
O Jalfrezi Sauce
O Tikka Masala Sauce
O Medium Bhoona Sauce
O Thai Red Curry Sauce
O Thai Green Curry Sauce
O Balti Sauce
O Mint Raita Sauce


From each of these sauces, you can also easily make almost all other favorite curries on the restaurant menu. A team of carefully chosen top Bangladeshi restaurant-trained chefs is led by Lodue Miah, himself a chef, and the owner of Hampshire’s Number One Curry Restaurant, The Madhuban in Liss, Hampshire.

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