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Medoc TM32 Type 32 Meat Mincer




Type 32 Medoc TM32 Meat Mincer


The Medoc TM32 meat mincer is a tabletop 32 sized meat mincing machine constructed in high quality stainless steel.



The meat mincer has a powerful 3HP main drive motor with a crown drive transmission. The large feed pan of the meat mincer is also constructed from stainless steel and has rounded corners with no dirt traps to increase sanitisation.



The meat mincing machine comes as standard with a manual, plunger and 4.5mm plate with a four bladed knife. Other sizes of meat mincing plates and different makes of meat mincing knives are available to purchase from our website or over the phone with the spare parts department.



The complete meat mincing head, ring and worm are easily detached from the meat mincer in a matter of seconds for cleaning helping reduce downtime.



The meat mincer has a wide throat which allows the machine to mince thicker cuts of meat, preventing the downtime of cutting meat into smaller pieces. Combined with the large feed pan this wide throat enable the meat mincer to be able to mincemeat at a throughput of 750kg/h.



The Medoc TM32 meat mincer is constructed and designed in Spain and is a reliable meat mincer and very good value for money.




• Mincer constructed of stainless steel 18/8.


• Crown drive transmission.


• Bowl Group entirely of stainless steel.


•  Cutting System: ENTERPRISE


• Bowl Group easily removable for cleaning purposes.


• High capacity tray.




Meat Mincer External Dimensions (WxDxH) 410x610x580mm


Meat Mincer Electric Supply 1ph or 3ph


Meat Mincer Throughput 750kg/h


Meat Mincer Motor 2.25kW 3HP


Meat Mincer Weight 80kg


Meat Mincer Material of body st/st


Meat Mincer Material of head st/st

Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Phase (Power)

1ph 240v, 3ph 440v