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Pimento 1kg


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Pimento 1kg


All Spice


Jerked meats like pork, chicken and kid reflect the Spanish/Jamaican background of Allspice.


It is a particularly popular spice in European cooking, an important ingredient in many marinades, pickling and mulling spices.


Many patés, terrines, smoked and canned meats include allspice.


A few allspice berries are added to Scandinavian pickled herring, to Sauerkraut , pickles, soups, game dishes
and English spiced beef.


Traditionally, allspice has been used in cakes, fruit pies, puddings ice cream and pumpkin pie.


Some Indian curries and pilaus contain allspice and in the Middle East it is used in meat and rice dishes


PFM11039:  Pimento / All Spice Ground (per kg)

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