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Safpreserve Sodium Sulphate 3kg


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Safpreserve Sodium Sulphate 3kg


Used to enhance the shelf life of sausages or burgers by typically 2-3 days,keeping bloom, colour and freshness.


Made from a blend of naturallyoccurringacids this product will reduce bacterial growth and is particularly useful in warmer temperatures where the shelf life of meat is greatly reduced.


Product: SAFE Preserve A9589 (PFM20010)


Description: A blend of food ingredients pre-weighed into a 3 kilo heat-sealed sachet. Appearance: A white free flowing powder.


Aroma: Neutral.


Flavour: Neutral.


Aroma & Flavour Evaluation: Weigh 2.9 grams of seasoning into 100ml of water and stir.


Evaluate hot for aroma and cold for flavour.


The sample should be equal to the last accepted delivery.


Salt Content: 76.6% (88.8% salt equivalent)


Ingredient Declaration: Salt, preservative (E223). Ingredient Breakdown & Countries of Origin: Salt 76.6 UK/Netherlands Preservative (E223) 22.9 Italy Undeclared Additives: Rapeseed oil Less than 1 UK Free flow agent (E535) (in the salt) Less than 1 China Rate of Use: 150 grams to a 100lb chopping or 330 grams to a 100 kilo chopping. Sulphur Dioxide Level: 490 ppm at time of addition at point of manufacture using a rate of use of 150g to a 100lb chopping.


PFM20010: Safpreserve Sodium Sulphate (Food Grade) 3kg Tub

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