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Sellotape Acrylic Clear 24mmx66m


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Sellotape Acrylic Clear 24mmx66m


High tack and strong – our premium Clear vinyl tape is the ultimate in tapes, even for sealing those heavier parcels – so you can consistently rely on a tight seal keeping your packages secure Excellent low noise properties – being virtually noise free, our vinyl tape is the ideal choice in busy work environments where noise is problem – great for offices and domestic use too Long lasting – even if you are preparing items for storage or sealing parcels with a long shelf life – the strength and resistance to temperature change allow for a long lasting and secure seal Easy to use – you will not be frustrated with our vinyl tape as it will not split or tear – an all-round delight to use – whether you choose to cut by hand, or use with our convenient tape dispenser Fast and reliable delivery service – offered in convenient packs of 6 rolls, each measuring 24mm x 66m.


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PFM02039:  Sellotape Acrylic Clear 24x66mm – 25mm Wide – 3″ Core (per roll)

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