Temperature Fridge Freezer with 52mm Dial


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Temperature Fridge Freezer with 52mm Dial


Fridge/Freezer thermometer with 52mm dial. range of -30 to 30C integral hanging hook ABS plastic case Fridge thermometers


This easy to read fridge thermometer or freezer thermometer is dial shaped and has a 52mm dial, and indicates temperature over the range of -30 to 30C in 1C divisions. It incorporates colour-coded zones for ease of reading and provides an economical and simple way of monitoring fridge or freezer temperature.


The fridge freezer thermometer is housed in a durable ABS case incorporating a plastic hook to hang from a shelf.


PFM12090: Temperature Fridge or Freezer Thermometer Small – Hanging (Range -30 to +30C) – (800-100)