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Tepro PP12 Vacuum Packer Option L

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Tepro PP12 Vacuum Packer Option L


The Tepro PP12 machine is a single-chambered, standalone vacuum packer designed for packing food and non-food products. The machine is made out of stainless steel. By default, the machine is equipped with two sealing bars (1x480mm & 1 x 580mm) and a 63m 3 / h vacuum pump.


There is an option to buy the machine with a 100m 3 / h vacuum pump, and Modified Atmosphere Packaging system “MAP”, or thermal film cutting system.


A microprocessor driver with digital vacuum measurement is installed in the machine. It is capable of having up to 25 packing programs, each with unique names. Every single program has the option of programming [vacuum] [%], gas [%], sealing time [s], cutting time [s] and so on. The program’s options are displayed on the LCD display in real-time during the packing process.


Extra control panel features:


– Expectancy time: allows to automatically stop the program after the program has started. This is an ideal solution for getting an optimal vacuum without unnecessary steam forming.


– Pause vacuum: this option allows to set vacuum intervals, to get more gentle, as the vacuum continues. (option available on request).


– Soft air: it is possible to gently release air from the chamber after the bag has been sealed. This is used for packing delicate and sharp-edged products. The process keeps the product secure and helps prevent the product from puncturing the bag (option available on request).


– Cycle counter with reset function.


– Function to test the vacuum of the chamber, and the vacuum of the system.





Floor Standing Model


Pump: 63m/h, 1.5kW,


Overall dimensions (mm): 790x710x995


Chamber size (mm): 500 x 680 x 200


Seal Bars: 1 x 480mm & 1 x 580mm wide with double seal


Weight: 189Kg


Optional Equipment


● seal + cutting off


● the modified atmosphere dosage system


● vacuum pump 100 m 3 / h


● Sealing bars 480 + 580 mm


● soft air function

Additional information

Weight 189 kg

1 Phase, 3 Phase