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Type 22 Ma-Ga WM22 Meat Mincer 1 Phase


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Type 22 Ma-Ga WM22 Meat Mincer 1 Phase


WM22 meat grinder
• designed for continuous operation
• intended for use in large stores, supermarkets, catering, gastronomy and in mass catering and processing plants
• modern design and the use of a removable throat with a cutting set ensures high quality, reliability, convenient operation, easy to clean and safety of use
• throat, screw, knife, and strainer made of stainless steel
• reliable drive in the form of a steel gear filled with semi-fluid grease gives a long gear life and reduces noise
• adapted to cooperate with the “Ma-Ga” chopper modules which allow universal use of both as a meat grinder and chopper
• flexible assembly through the possibility of choosing a machine with one of three types of sieves with a mesh thickness of 4.5mm; 6mm or 8mm
• capacity up to 250 kg / h

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