Type 42 Dadaux TX114ML Meat Mixer Grinder 3 Phase



Type 42 Dadaux TX114ML Meat Mixer Grinder 415v


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Laboratory meat mincer


TX 114 ML


We offer a wide range of laboratory cutters: manual mincer, mixer grinder, automatic mincer. With their high quality finish and appearance, they provide you with finely minced meat in total hygiene, and help stimulate your sales.


Comply with CE standards


Made in France


Mixer grinders TX98 MINIMIX, TX32ML and TX114ML are equipped with 2 separated motors. They allow to do some premix, or some mixing between 2 meat crossings, but too to be used in automatic. Dis-mountable body





Tension: 400v, 50Hz


Cutting System: Unger


Mincer Motor: 5,5CV (4kw)


Mixing Motor: 1,5 CV (1,1 Kw)


Output: 1400 kg/h


Hopper Capacity: 105L


Ø Exit: 114mm


Ø Grate: 5mm


Weight: 150kg