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White Paper Off Cuts 20x30 10kg pack


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White Paper Off Cuts 20×30 10kg pack


These news offcuts are made from unprinted white newspaper. The offcuts can be used for many applications such as wrapping fish and chips or using it for packaging to fill space in parcels. Measurements: 30 Inch x 20 Inch (750mm x 500mm)


White news offcuts – multi-purpose sheets for enhanced protection and presentation Our white news offcuts (they are the same sort of paper used for a daily newspaper, but without the print) are a low cost, effective and reliable packaging option, ideal for wrapping and void fill. We have three sizes in stock for immediate dispatch supplied in large, 10kg packs (up to 1100 sheets).


If you’re still not entirely sure what white news offcutsare, just pop down to the local chip shop and get yourself a portion of chips (it’s as good an excuse as any).


When you’ve finished eating them, take a look at what they were wrapped in – you can ignore the greaseproof paper in the middle, just concentrate on the outer wrapping. Those are white news offcuts.


Next, if the outer sheets have managed to stay grease-free, try wrapping other things in them. Glassware, crockery and china, for example. What you will quickly find is that white news offcuts don’t just make good fish and chip paper; they’re also an effective and rather attractive all-round wrapping and packing paper.


They even make for an economical and efficient void fill. And because we sell them in large 10 kilo gramme packs at rock bottom prices, the best news of all is that you don’t have to eat chips every day for a year to get enough to make them a central part of your packaging strategy.


Unless you really want to, of course. Versatile paper packaging product Perfect for wrapping glassware, bottles and crockery Also good for wrapping food (especially chips!)


Attractive and strong wrapping paper In stock now for same day dispatch Pack weight 10kg


PFM14041: Paper White 20″x30″ 10kg

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